Equitable Innovations Accelerator Q&A Session – January 14

January 22, 2022

Full transcript of the January 14th Q&A session:

Hey everyone, thanks for joining the session. We are going to give people a few more minutes to join and then we’ll get started.

Hey everyone, thanks for attending my name is Koki Sato, I’m a project coordinator, with the Washington technology industry association.

We have a few slides for you today, but the majority of the time is free to ask questions and get those issues resolved.

Courtney, would you like to get started with the presentation?

Sorry, I think I lost audio so hopefully you can hear me, can you hear me okay thanks, so I will pull up the slides.

So, as mentioned, thank you for joining this second Q and A session for equitable innovations accelerator, as you mentioned, we will quickly run through a little bit of intros and a little bit of a high level overview of the accelerator, but we do want to spend a lot of time to give you guys, the opportunity to ask us questions, as this is a webinar format, we have the Q and A function, so please feel free to leave your questions in the chat.

So just to kick off the introductions my name is, Courtney, I am the director of innovation at find ventures and on the call, we have a few other members of our team who’ve joined us, so we have Julie and Brittany. Our team is a little bit bigger than this, a few other people couldn’t make it today, but you wouldn’t be interacting with us, we also have Miranda and our fearless leaders Elizabeth and Justin. So, I guess, I can turn it over to the Department of Commerce team for their introductions.

Hey everyone, my name is Lily Erickson and I work for the State Department of Commerce and we are pleased to be able to provide the funding for the operation of this accelerator through the economic development administration, the State was awarded a $15 million grant to do this and a few other programs as part of our strategy to reopen the economy and recover from the Covid 19 pandemic and we are so excited to be able to do this as part of the state’s goals to try to make more inclusive economy and try to come up with solutions to make it a more equitable for others to access opportunities and capital and so we’re just very excited to partner with find ventures to be able to provide this accelerator to a lucky 10 awarded teams So hopefully you will be one of them and then we’ll get to work more closely with you and so I’ll turn it back over to Courtney.

Awesome, thank you so I can send it over to the WTIA team for their introductions.

Oh, thank you so I’m with WTIA I mentioned my name is Koki the coordinator. My supervisor Nick was unable to make it today, but making links and also on the team so don’t be shy is a trade association, as opposed to tech industry and tech companies. We’re the largest tech association in the United States, with over 1000 Member companies and our mission is to foster robust equity centered technology sector that empowers thriving communities. We recruit technology companies and allies, that the diversity of competitive advantage value collaboration as essential to sustain sustainable growth and fully embrace the opportunity to partner with and empower the communities in which we operate so we’re yeah we’re really excited to be part of the Program.

Yeah For startups, we offer stage appropriate resources, the HR benefits introductions to investors discounts or something else and we’re here to help so yeah that’s what we do at WTIA. Back to Courtney.

Thank you so as you can see from our different introductions I think this is a great team to be working together to create something like the equitable innovations accelerator, because we really do believe in entrepreneurship for all and we are here to help make that a reality.

And so, to give you a little bit more background, so again, the equitable innovations accelerator, it is the first of its kind of a program to provide a lily mentioned up to two or 10 technology starts with up to $100,000 each in non-diluted philanthropic grants which is fantastic and, in addition to the grant funding will have programming and access to mentors in coaching and coaches, by using utilizing their network of the three of our different organizations and the ecosystem at large.

So one of the questions that we get is who are you who are we trying to help and so we’ve put together a list of the ideal participants for this inaugural accelerator, and so the I feel participant will have either a founder or CEO of a of a potential venture scale tech startup and has at least one founder, that is, and we have the list of an underrepresented minority has a team or a Co founder, so we are looking for not just single sole entrepreneurs, has a product or service that’s, at least at the minimum viable minimum viable product stage has below a million dollars in revenue annual revenue and is headquartered in Washington, we do have a preference for startups that are located in rural areas.

I’m Just to give you a little bit more of our timeline deadlines so again, we are at the second and final Q and A session, so please feel free to ask questions throughout the session, and if you have questions afterwards, you can email us any additional questions before the deadline or even after and you can email us directly at info@findventures.org or you can email me directly at C@findventures.org

Most important thing applications are due on January 31 so we’re about two weeks out and the cohort will be notified of their selections on march 18 and so I do want to give a little bit more information about the innovation accelerator itself and i’ll actually turn it over to Julie to share a little bit more about how we’re planning the curriculum and what that will look like.

Thanks Courtney so they’re going to be two aspects to the curriculum one will be the business technical skills with i’ll be fundraising marketing sales and then they’ll be this leadership development and that’s actually the part that i’m going to be, I will be heading so who will be working on the technical skills part and i’ll be working on the leadership development part and we based on the cohort we will put you into learning pods to make sure that the feed that the curriculum is really relevant to the needs of your startup i’m going to turn it back to you Courtney, and if there are any questions, please just put them in that question in the q&a that’s where we’re looking for questions.

Thank you, sorry I lost my screen, but thanks for writing that overview, because I do think it’s important to say, because we have us, we are selecting for a small but nimble first cohort we are able to tailor for the needs of that cohort and we are working with WHA and the Department of Commerce, to make sure that we do have a successful Program.

Koki did you want to add anything from your vantage point at WTIA?

Oh no I’m Okay, thank you.

Awesome. Well, as promised, we are here to answer questions.

I know that you probably have a lot, I see some popping up in the Q and A now, so I can turn it over for us.

Yeah so feel free to raise your hand more just put into the q&a box, I have a few questions I That I got from in a box, I can start asking some questions to see if anyone can answer them first question “i’m in the food service business does that eliminate me from being a candidate for this grant”

So we are looking for one technology enabled like minimal viable product startups I think a lot of our vision will be geared towards the startup I guess different types of technology startups, but I also would say that I think we are pretty open to the types of the types of companies that would apply so lily actually do you have any any input on that.

Yeah I think if you have a technology product that serves the food industry that and that would be considered a tech enabled product so we’re we’re okay with that so doesn’t need to be that traditional technology in any means and we actually think it’s kind of cool if you have something a little bit different and outside of the trip will be considered traditional product.

And so on next question. Question from Andrea “is revenue is zero revenue acceptable?”

So we are looking at, so we are phil please feel free to apply as it does that is less than 1,000,000 of the things that we are looking for. It we do want folks have some kind of traction sometimes that’s not revenue generating, I guess, maybe it’s like I mean I guess it depends on the type of technology, you are so I would say, when you do apply.

If you don’t have funding or you haven’t made revenue at this point, but you could show that you have made progress towards something I think that that is something that you should include on your on your application.

next question: “What are the judging criteria and specific area you’re looking for?”

At that one, and so the nice thing is we’re right now we’re very flexible, you will you do want people to apply. So is it when I listed the ideal candidate is that we are looking for our like what’s your team looks like what stage, you are in your technology, what type of traction you’ve had and where you’re located. I think those are the top criteria. Does anyone else have any specifics, that they would add.

I think wow is definitely going to have a you know high scoring value and state is really interested in um be equity around funding our rural communities as well as. You know if you’re able to show that a product is going to serve any of washington’s vital business sectors so maritime aerospace agriculture manufacturing, etc, and that will also carry heavy weight, but we will be sharing at some point the. We didn’t metrics on applications.

We have a question from Paul Kelly “update our application?”

I’m assuming after that is house with it, or they started.

thanks for that question, I have received that question before about the platform I think if you have questions about how to use specifically use a platform, like, for instance, if you’ve already submitted I think that’s something that will have to be asked to the success helped us to make sure that you can make changes to your application. I will say, if you do have difficulty doing so you can always submit like resubmit will look at the latest version of your application.

James asks “what areas are considered as rural in Washington?”

Where you will definitely consider we don’t consider Seattle, or both YouTube URL so let’s let’s go for. The bigger cities so if you’re outside and you can still be in King county you could be an email call or one of those communities and be considered rural and you know anything on the east side of the mountains cascades is generally considered rural if you’re in the spokane Center it’s not exactly considered rural and that anything that’s outside of that spokane area in some of those other cities in Washington would be considered girl, including yakima ellen’s bird when actually I hope that if you have a more specific question in the chat you know, and I will be happy to answer.

Your question from Afrikaan and “i’m wondering, the support nonprofit organizations that are wanting services as well, or just for profit company?”

So this is just for a tech startup so it’s coming out of nonprofit and it’s going to be something that’s going to be a business and then that can be would be considered, but if it’s just a nonprofit i’m looking for funding and that’s not eligible under the specific class. But again, if you’re looking for other sources, you know you can always shoot us an email, and we can try to point you in the right direction for other funding opportunities.

“How our funds distributed at the beginning and or milestone based?”

Great question funds will be distributed and a milestone based milestone based manner of each each company will have different needs at different times and so we’re we’re here to help work with you guys to meet those milestones.

And just a reminder to everyone, please put the questions in the Q and A i’ll try to check the chat but all the time which of course mark this is this program somewhere to delete a startup accelerator, I can answer that one.

I, I would say so parts of a we the starbucks or doesn’t offer funding, so there is a bit of a difference there, but we do offer the coursework and whatnot and, yes, we are konerko her application is open until January 23 so any new year, and just please take a look at that as well.

Question from Roger “do all founders need to participate full time and all sessions of the incubator what is the anticipated time commit?”

So i’ll take part of that question and either maybe come here Julie, you can talk about the time commitment.

So all of all of the cofounders with any given company don’t need participate I probably will be beneficial for at least one person to attend, I would say, given the majority or the, you know as many sessions, as they can. But we are focused on working with at least taking one person through the process. We do understand that there are time commitments and maybe you can’t make every single session so it would be good to have someone who could join, but I wouldn’t say that every like if you have multiple co founders all of you need to attend every session and then either here Julie, do you want to talk about time and commitment around the curriculum schedule, you want to go, I mean yeah i’ve nothing I said, sir.

Are you on mute sorry, they should ask like so there’s the technical skills which will be happening for four months, and so they’ll be I mean the each of the workshops will be two to three hours right Koki and I can’t remember off the top of my head, how many workshops, there are, I think, maybe about 10 or 15. And, and then Aside from that, there will also be what we call pod time so time that you’re going to be working with your pod so I mean.

We haven’t done the calculation, but I think you should expect at least five hours a week and that’s not just like meeting time but also your own homework time.

So it’s not necessarily all the time in a in a session with each other, but just work that you need to be doing so, for example, if you’re getting ready for a Marketing workshop, then we expect you to be doing homework on who you’re creating marketing personas and so that’s really going to be up to you, we don’t know how much time you will take to develop your own to do your own homework.

next question, do you have an interview scheduled after sounds good, and how many interviews.

A great question, so we are finalizing this one out but between the application and close and selection, it will be to interview so will it will be like a triage process but that information should be available on our website shortly.

Question from Denis Leary.

So I go here is companies to use individual and professional development tools that they make available to businesses, schools and Community development and provide portals to connect.

His question is because they provide services to both profit and nonprofit businesses that disqualify and and his company to a client and then.

Now, because you if you your your company yourself is actually a company and not nonprofits and that’s that’s fine you can these products can, whatever your product is if it doesn’t we’re not as going after who you’re serving as the actual date on you are angel our startup is incorporated in Delaware because we saw recommendations that most vc firms and angel investors preferred preferred or are before making an investment of both founders live and are based in Seattle, do we still qualify. So we’re asking that companies be headquartered in the state and and I think if you’re going to apply need to also talk about you know what you’re going to do to serve the people of Washington state, and this is taxpayer money that’s going to be on the show, so if it’s all going to the taxpayers of Delaware then we’re not going to be super excited about that opportunity, but if you can make a compelling case about how your actual work and headquarters is in Washington and How you’re serving the state that APP would be and the people in the state that that will be good.

next question um I read that at the startup is involved with university tech transfer and may still be considered if not quite mvp stage.

Yes, that is correct, we are open to you Technologies coming out of the university as well I think if it’s not plated mvp stage I think again, I think what we’re looking for is the progress towards either getting to mvp mvp or getting you know getting closer to market so yeah absolutely please apply.

um you know another monitor to 10 days, maybe it’s your questions asked, and you can look all of question might be easier to just raise your hand to ask a follow up, rather than just typing in the q&a it’s something you can shoot.

pool, can you please restate the investment structure, I noticed was fair to call either with non equity grant is the value 110.

That is correct, so it is a non equity non dilutive print and the value is up to 100 K depending on your milestones a lot of this will be milestone driven.

 Another question from Dennis do you have an angle for candidates, as far as how big their critical are We are based in Washington, but are building a national and then global APP Washington being the starting point and grow and stages nationally, then worldwide.

I can, I can take this.So I have no problem with you wanting to grow nationally. As long as you know, you’re based in Washington in your whatever you’re doing service, the state, I think that that is fantastic but we don’t have any limitations on Your growth plan.

next question similar to techstars will you be looking for mentors in Washington state to support local.

I think we probably all have a little bit that we could I, but our mentors are typically in Washington state or through our networks. But we are highly networked people, so I think it is slash organizations, so if we don’t have someone local I think we know we can we can have further REACH, but I would say that we do have mentors in in within the state.

next question I am converting an all electric truck into the most energy efficient way possible, with the help of some electric vehicle engineers does this sound like something that will call but

I think they don’t want to add to that. State is very excited about. You know. The green economy so. Please.

cool next question i’m the CEO and co founder of the tech startup I satisfy the eligibility criteria as i’m woman, but the other co founder is not can I still buy.



next question for Afrikaan i’m a student who wants to start a business do I have to be a registered business or can I apply on starting my business text service now.

i’m so i’ll start with this and then maybe really have my have something to add, and so, if you’re one of the things that you said we’re looking for is some traction so I guess it depends on where you are in the stage of forming this business. For instance, like one of the question earlier about things that are coming out of i’m just using this example things that are coming out of the university sometimes that’s not a Business yet, but they’re on their way to that, so I think it’s it’s probably case by case basis, but I think if you have some traction you have this.

I think it’s something that is eligible to apply.


00:31:33.150 –> 00:31:44.250

Jennifer Haffey: yeah I agree with that, I think you can apply it’s just it may not be at your application may not be as competitive as others for a little bit farther along.

we’re recording megan hi thanks so much for this amazing model and for providing in so thank you megan. I have a question about the application page itself is the basic information area part of the application or part of your overall profile is very similar to the update your team part of the section thanks.

Think Africa has his hand raised oh.

Okay African I think you should be able to talk.

hi can you hear me yes hi again, my name is African and I was wondering, to the question that Courtney responded to So if I need help with the application is there any help that somebody can help me with application.

Language face how or what is the nature of existence, so currently i’m having a challenge with the.

The the the website or the platform and I I created the profile and it logged me out and there’s no way I could log in, and I can see the application that i’ve started and I can’t create the same name again because it says this name already exists, so i’m really. How do I say. I can’t access it basically.

um yeah no thanks for that i’m sorry you’re having trouble. I won’t be able to help on the from the back end side of success, but I think if you go to the website, there should be an area to connect with the help desk and when i’ve used their help desk previously they do respond, I think, relatively quickly, so I think that that would be the best. I guess the best next step if you are unable. To get any help, and I think, maybe, if you just repaying me I can try to see if I can, if there’s someone directly that you cannot do us, but I think. Generally, the help desk has been very, very helpful was trying to I guess more of the technical issues of the website.

Thank you, so your information is on the website also someone can reach out to you sure, so my email is see at fine ventures.org Thank you.

don’t know you can hear me correct yeah yeah follow up to his Afrikaans question, there was, I had a summer thing, so I have my web browser window open but it’ll close up, is there a function to resign in to update your application or not.

I think that that is, I think, a question that will have to ask of success, because I think.

 i’ve had that question a few times with people wanting to either update their application after they had more traction or wanting to go back and they’d already submitted slash they want to go back to update. But I wouldn’t be able to help you updates I think you’d have to reach out to the help desk.

You can still hear me.

Yes, I.

thought there, so as far as what we know now, the best thing is be completely prepared when we submit our application otherwise we’re going to have to go through the help desk somehow we don’t so that’s what you pretty much saying right now don’t submit the application so we’re at least 9am so confident we better than me.

it’s a little bit tough because they don’t want to tell people that they cannot go back and I.

I would say if you’re having trouble I yeah I would just have to refer you back to the help desk.

But because this question has come up a few times i’m also going to reach out to the help desk to see if there’s any additional information that maybe we can put up on the faqs.

So if other people are having this issue at least they’ll be another like a more central place that you don’t have to go to the help desk to you to ask this question, so I appreciate people bringing this up that shows that there might be a little bit of a bug.

Thank you.

Okay, I don’t think we ever answered megan’s question.

Did everyone get better was doing until I read more so the question was is the basic information area part of the application or part of your overall profile, it is very similar to the updated team part of that creation.

We elaborate a bit longer. Let me pull up the application i’m not sure if i’ve seen what you’re talking about.

i’m Courtney, while you’re I might answer James question about.

Skills and talent development or tech startup this charts underserved in rural communities as well as maritime aerospace agriculture wanted to know we could be considered rural and I Dupont itself, I wouldn’t necessarily consider for all Community, but I would In your application trying to make a strong and make a strong narrative as to why, and you are about how you serve rural and underserved communities and and. You know, make a compelling case and we’ll go from there, so.

seems like James has his hand up.


and assess what timeframe, do I have to present the business plan.

um so I guess I can take that and then i’ll go back to the the other question I just was able to pull up the application, so the question is, you said what review what’s the time frame that you can present your business plan yeah. So, in the initial applications in the initial application, we have several questions about, I guess, like the general state of your business. I would say, maybe during I would say, maybe during the actual interview process if you would like to elaborate, but a lot of what we’re looking for is more. What is the idea that you have with traction like where you are in the business versus your overall business plan, I think, throughout the accelerator. they’ll be opportunities for us to learn about different aspects of business, and I think that that’s time that we get even delve a little bit deeper in your business plan.

But I don’t see that as a initial like cut and dry criteria for us, we don’t like your business plan, therefore, you don’t move forward, so I think you can provide that information.

But you know the information that we have on the application is kind of what are the criteria is what we’re looking for to help evaluate whether you’re a good fit for the or your company is a good fit for the accelerator.

You do want to go back and answer your question okay perfect I didn’t know if anybody else has anything to add so back to megan’s question so. I think, so I just pulled up the application and I don’t see two separate Sections I just see our initial list of questions so there’s an about section that you’re seeing maybe it’s something like specific or you putting on.Like I guess you create a profile, but we have just a set of specific questions and it might be helpful if you email me if you have screenshots that might be helpful because I I don’t see what you’re seeing.

I feel free to raise your hand if you want to have anything but. yeah i’ll move on to the next question.

Okay, I can. You guys hear me. You can okay great um well yeah there’s two there’s two sections there’s the. The basic information, which talks about descriptions and what markets have you been in what stage, are you in and what’s. Interesting about you and and then there’s a second one that says update your team so i’m assuming, these are all part of not part of the application, then.

I can ask a little bit of the I was doing for us to have success, at least for our.

Local accelerator that the whi runs there is a basic information that success is due to fill out and then there’s a separate application for the founder cohort. And I guess it’s up to you, if you want to fill in the basic information prep success because i’m i’m a lot of that accelerator do use that as a platform, so it might be easier to just kind of show that out and that. For later use, but I don’t think you need to fill out the basic information, please correct me if i’m wrong on coordinator well.

It says it’s all on the same page and and it’s so you have three kind of sections basic information update your team and then questions and it kind of looks like it’s all part of the same application so maybe it’s just me.

Looking at it that way, but I, I just wanted to make sure I understood, which was part of the application and what wasn’t so thanks.

yeah thanks sorry hopefully i’ll mention it, but hopefully, as you mentioned it’s just setting up a separate is when I see it, it’s only the question section.

Dennis has his hand rules.

It Hello just follow up to the last question there clarification is asking for upload of a pitch deck this kind of a two part. question is, are you looking for a complete like investors pitch deck or just a an introductory pitch deck to our ultimate goals and mission. In then in Is there also a way to upload in addition to pitch deck or do you have a recommendation, how we can make aware of a sample of our tools, is there a way to upload that to for the review process to, or do we need to talk to somebody.

So we should have a section that asked for a video. and not so much a pitch deck and I think there’s only one area where you can upload information. Because this is kind of initial screen, I think, just uploading the video where you can do your demonstration, or we would like to show us something. I think that that’s the opportunity to I mean if you’d like to even talk through a pitch deck I think that that’s the area that you’d be able to do it. But I would try to include that information, not one section, but we did we don’t have multiple sections in which you can upload different types of files. So to your question Well, yes, this is upload your deck is what it’s not necessarily pitch deck so is that, where you’d that’s looking for a PowerPoint is not looking for video is on the application process you’re saying there’s a place the upload the video. There should be on the equitable innovations accelerator Application there should be a place if it’s if it’s not the last question it’s one of the last questions, I just want to check that to make sure we’ll put it would be good information in.

Is that uploading the video, or is it uploading a link to the video, and I see it, I see that video.

At the very bottom of the last day that helps a lot, because in that video, then we could make a better presentation of what our goals are that. may not be included in the documentation yes and you’re right, it is a link to the video so that way it’s not you don’t have the size limitation it’s just uploading it and you know.

Marcus any restrictions on how the companies and the fun.

So I think. So I will say like I said it’s it’s a milestone based, so I think there will be discussion around what you propose. But I am maybe a little you have some like automatic things you cannot spend money on, but I think I would like to I would want to evaluate what you’re proposing to spend the money on. I believe, because the. Money for the businesses we’re receiving directly is not coming from the ETA, there are no restrictions on it, or the idiot.

next question is there an estimated number of applicants expected.

Hopefully, a lot we have received a lot of applications actually to date and are expecting. Probably many more in the in the coming week so. I don’t have enough I don’t have an estimated amount, as this is our first, the first time doing it, but so far we’ve had a lot of great response so hopefully the numbers keep going on.

We have rather questions sooner than I expected, but yeah if anyone has any questions feel free to chat or raise your hand.

James. Can you unmute.

James and i’m the CEO.

Things it’s really hard to seems like the question is, do you have to complete the application in one setting. Great question so you should. However, from the question i’m receiving there may be there may be some bug with some of the applications with going back to the application so.

I know that some folks are wanting to reach out to have success themselves to try to extend situation, but because i’ve been asked this question, not just from this, but through email i’m going to reach out to have success and see if there’s some definitive answer that I can put on the faq website so that there’ll be instructions of how to log back in if if you’re unable to get back into your application.

next question how many applications have you received today. I would say, because i’ve not looked today, but a police we’ve received over 50 applications so far.

What is the ending date of this program.

So I guess there. I would describe it as to end dates that may coincide so there’s the educated, like the educational actual accelerator portion wt is that’s a four month process, but then there’s the granting funding portion because this is going to be a milestone driven process.

I think that there might be some variance in end date when like the tracking of the funding.

But I think that will be team that part will be team specific.

Questions feel free to raise your hand when.

I say one more question, so I was looking at the criteria, but also my service is tailored to toward the immigrant and refugee community and I myself a Muslim immigrant and I haven’t seen that particularly and I also consider myself black which, which is part of it, but I was wondering, is it is this also something this kind of service provided by immigrant for immigrants, something that you’re considering to support.


previous question undersold we have nearly 100 applications, this is what happens when I don’t check so that’s the actual answer so there’s.

One is first round of funds available, do we wait for months for milestone, one after the initial hesitation time with WTIA Well folks will be. I think selected like I said mid March, I think, by that point will be able to speak about what are your milestones and what that funding looks like. Because like I said every every company’s going to have different needs at different times, so I think that that’s something that we can discuss one of the teams are selected.

Is this our last q&a session. So yeah definitely ask the questions now if any.

make sense. yeah Does anyone want to add anything any of the panelists on to add anything.

Before we hop off.

And I would just add if you have question marks around you know, do you count as a headquarters in Washington do count as bro. All of that what I would do is try to make a really compelling case, this is a competitive application so for those that are able to make a stronger case third and to be you know selected over those who aren’t able to make a compelling case so it’s all competitive So if you have a question mark Oh, am I eligible or not, and you. Have that question down the road just go ahead and apply and then kind of make as much of a compelling case as possible and so wish everybody, the best of luck.

And I guess the only thing i’d add is really appreciate you all for attending today because I mean these questions, help us figure out where kind of the bugs are and what are the questions, people are having so it’s very helpful with.

Not only for you guys, but we can update our faqs so other people who might have some more questions will be able to see that.

And like lily mentioned, if you have any questions, please feel free to apply, but if you have questions about anything specific that you’d like to know before you apply for those please feel free to again email me, I will respond. and try to help as much as I can, but thanks again for attending guys Julia cookie or Brittany anything else.

My only comment that I have is I did drop in the chat a few links for additional resources, so you can go there for faqs watch our December six Q and A and then also sign up for our newsletter or tech with us on social spirit latest updates.

looks like we have a couple hand raised we wrap up if you.

is like a song some the just crossed my mind when we, we need to incorporate Washington state portrayed Washington we’re going to headquartered Washington, however, whether we take on funding from an angel source to get over our next time, or if we get a grant from here. We make refounding or reincorporate a new company. To facilitate is and we do either with here or with an investor, is there any problem with that, even though we’re already incorporated, but we want to possibly restart a new company and separate it from many other things that you’ve been doing.

As long as there’s a name that you’re playing for now is for a company that’s based in Washington, then I think you’re all set Thank you so if this is like a future down the road that.

This doesn’t limit you from you know growth opportunities down the road that is, we want to be able to help you grow your business Thank you appreciate it.

We share this recording with the people here the public. I believe it’s posted on the website last one was this one will be as well. And the other thing that we do is we transcribe it so if you’re looking for specific answers, because I did it as well, you just you can search So if you have any specific questions in it find it in the recording it’s there too. yeah so wtf will be sending over the recording to us and then i’ll be going through cleaning it all up and then i’ll have it up on our site by next week. The presentation itself as well. So we’ll be sending a politician, the recording now more will be on the website nothing came.

up here yeah I just want to say thank you to all the attendees for attending on a Friday afternoon before a three day weekend. And yeah I mean i’m hope everyone enjoys weekend yeah feel free to reach out and it was with any questions. Thank you, thank you good luck.

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