We are so thankful for our community of donors that enable us to do the work that we do. Your contribution to our Founders Fund (the community seed grant) will continue to have a ripple effect as we work to help uplift the Founders in our Equitable Innovations Accelerator.

Thank You Donors

  • Abbey Wemimo
  • Aileen McGraw
  • Ann Jarris
  • Brad Schram
  • Bradien Hoover
  • Brady Ryan
  • Brotman Family Foundation
  • Carly Kiser
  • Daniel Kihanya
  • Elisa La Cava
  • Ellison Family Foundation
  • Elizabeth Norton
  • Elizabeth Scallon
  • Gregory Brown
  • Jackie Hyland
  • Jeff & Judy Greenstein
  • Jennifer Sanduski
  • Jim & Janet Sinegal
  • John Meisenback
  • Julie Pham, Phd.
  • Levitan Family Foundation
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Martina Whelkhoff
  • Miranda Berger
  • Nicholas Lenning
  • Steven Maheshwary
  • Tola Capitol
  • Wesley Johnson

You, yes YOU, can help the Founders succeed! Make a contribution to the community seed grant – the Founders Fund.

Together, we make the community stronger.

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