We are so thankful for our community of donors that enable us to do the work that we do. Your contribution will continue to have a ripple effect as we work to help uplift the Founders in our Equitable Innovations Accelerator.

Thank You Donors

  • Abbey Wemimo
  • Aileen McGraw
  • Ann Jarris
  • Brad Schram
  • Bradien Hoover
  • Brady Ryan
  • Brotman Family Foundation
  • Carly Kiser
  • Daniel Kihanya
  • Elisa La Cava
  • Ellison Family Foundation
  • Elizabeth Norton
  • Elizabeth Scallon
  • Gregory Brown
  • Jackie Hyland
  • Jeff & Judy Greenstein
  • Jennifer Sanduski
  • Jim & Janet Sinegal
  • John Meisenback
  • Julie Pham, Phd.
  • Levitan Family Foundation
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Martina Whelkhoff
  • Maryanne Tagney
  • Miranda Berger
  • Nicholas Lenning
  • Steven Maheshwary
  • Tola Capitol
  • Wesley Johnson

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