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Ashley Stallworth, Founder

Bio Fiber Industries creates products that reduce carbon impact while improving energy efficiency for homes, humans and the environment at large.

We are excited to make history fulfilling Find Ventures mission which will help allow us to become the nation’s first black owned hemp fiber processor.

Learn more: BioFiberIndustries.com

Contact: info@biofiberindustries.com

Reetu Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO
Preshant Shukla, Co-Founder & Architect

Learn more: cirkledin.com

Contact: contact@cirkledin.com

Cirkled In is a young professionals’ network platform, for Gen-Z youth to showcase their holistically achievements, academics and beyond and connecting them with the best-fit colleges and employers, creating win-win. Cirkled In has created a category defining students’ Information Highway connecting recruiters both at colleges and employers to best-fit candidates, reducing their cost of recruitment and creating win-win.

Our mission at Cirkled In is to become a household name for every student to showcase themselves and a go-to platform for every recruiter at colleges, employers and everyone, to find the best fit talent. Being a social enterprise we also strive to close the opportunity gap for youth, meaning we need to surround ourselves with like-minded people. We know we can execute to our audacious goal and we also know that we need to build a support system to grow the company at a much faster rate. With the EIA, we will build a network of mentors, advisors and evangelists who can guide us and help us. EIA will help us put Cirkled In on a much bigger map.

Jacqueline Schafer, Founder & CEO

Clearbrief leverages AI to help attorneys and judges find and view the best evidence to support their arguments.

We are thrilled to work with the group of government, philanthropic, and private sector partners that Find Ventures has brought together to help us double down on the court system and government agency adoption we’ve achieved so far with Clearbrief. We know that private sector law firm teams love using Clearbrief, but we have big ambitions to bring the efficiency of modern technology to the government as well to help with the enormous court backlogs resulting from COVID.

Learn more: clearbrief.com

Contact: hello@clearbrief.ai

Gautam Nayak,
Co-Founder, CEO
Sanjay Khicha,
Co-Founder, CCO
Anil Ramjiani,
Harish Dhurvasula,
Technical Lead

Coltrain is innovating healthcare through a free, simple and secure mobile communication platform focused on team-based collaboration for healthcare professionals anywhere, anytime. Our growth is peer to peer, connecting and harnessing the latest digital resources at the point of care.

Coltrain is honored and excited to take part in the inaugural EIA cohort! This incredible opportunity to partner with Find Ventures provides the support and resources we need to transform clinical collaboration for rural healthcare providers. Participating in the Equitable Innovations Accelerator gives us a chance to meet other amazing founders, learn from the brightest minds in entrepreneurship, and further develop the core values to make our company outstanding.

Learn more: coltrain.co

Contact: support@cognitionmed.io

Margie Bensching, Founder & CEO

Senior Living communities and people looking for availability in senior living find it frustrating and difficult to connect; GoldenSHERPA makes it simple.

Learn more: goldensherpa.com

Contact: info@goldensherpa.com

Laura Clise, Founder & CEO

Intentionalist makes it easy to explore and support small businesses and the diverse people behind them through everyday decisions about where we eat, drink, and shop.

Learn more: intentionalist.com

Contact: hello@intentionalist.com

I’m excited to be a part of the inaugural Equitable Innovations Accelerator cohort, because we share a passion for ensuring that people from underrepresented, underestimated communities have access to transformational economic opportunity. I look forward to learning from and alongside diverse founders as we build our companies and demonstrate the multifaceted return on investment of the Find Ventures first-of-its-kind program.

Swatee Surve,
Founder & CEO
Vivin Purushothaman,
Chief Technology Officer
Sarah Danzo,
Chief Clinical Officer
Taraneh Fultz,
Chief Revenue Officer

Litesprite, an award winning digital health entertainment firm, has built a therapeutic gaming platform that delivers data insights and improves clinical outcomes. It built the first clinically-validated mental health mobile game with several reimbursement pathways and is the only one recommended by clinics and municipalities nationwide.

We are excited to be part of the inaugural cohort because it will allow us to expand our work with underserved communities into WA state. The grant and the program’s unique peer-driven leadership development track will help accelerate our growth. We look forward to now being an example of business innovation and support Washington State Department of Commerce’s efforts to establish WA State as an innovative and supportive place for minorities to launch a business.

Learn more: litesprite.com

Contact: socks@litesprite.com

Jonathan G. Blanco,
Founder & CEO/CTO

Niftmint provides NFT Commerce Infrastructure for brands to mint, sell, and custody NFTs directly on their existing eCommerce platform for themselves and their customers.

As a first-generation American and the only person in my family to be born in the US, I’ve always seen it as my personal responsibility to try really big ideas for really big outcomes. I never knew technology was an option for me and didn’t realize it until well into adulthood. I’m excited to show other Latin Founders they can make it in tech and give back to those trying to level themselves up. I’m very excited to work with my peer group of founder who are not just underrepresented founders, but some of the best founders in Washington State.

Learn more: niftmint.com/

Contact: info@niftmint.com

Kwame Boler,
Co-Founder & CEO
Claudius Mbemba,
Co-Founder & CTO

Learn more: usespritz.com

Contact: team@usespritz.com

Spritz is an all-in-one SaaS platform for home cleaners. We’re a business-in-a-box that leverages technology and 3rd parties to simplify operations and offload back-office, logistics, and admin tasks.

We’re excited, humbled, and grateful for Spritz to have been selected as a participant in the Inaugural Cohort of the Find Ventures Equitable Innovations Accelerator. We look forward to being a part of history and leveraging the incredible resources being made available to elevate our team and accelerate our vision to bring housekeeping into the 21st century.

WhyLabs Team

WhyLabs is on a mission to build an interface between AI applications and human operators. The WhyLabs AI Observability platform helps prevent AI failures and enables AI builders to make their systems robust and responsible.

We are thrilled to be part of the very first Equitable Innovations Accelerator cohort. Joining the EIA will enable the WhyLabs team to accomplish our mission by attracting and recruiting diverse talent and growing our community. We hope to be able to share our journey and learnings by supporting many other startups in Washington state and beyond.

Learn more: whylabs.ai

Contact: info@whylabs.ai

Read our press release with the Washington State Department of Commerce.

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