Advisor Highlight: Bradien Hoover

May 11, 2022

This month, we’d like to introduce you to our Advisor, Bradien Hoover (she/her)!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I have worked in the accounting industry for 10+ years in the Seattle area providing accounting and bookkeeping assistance for small business clients in a range of industries. I specialize in the accounting duties specific to the businesses regular bookkeeping tasks and periodic SALT and payroll tax filings. My passion is working with small businesses in training and assisting founders in maintaining and analyzing their financial health through their accounting processes and reports. When I am not spending my time on my professional pursuits, I enjoy gardening, motorcycles, and spending time eating delicious meals with my large family.

What excites you most about tech startups?

I am fascinated by the evolving tech dealing with vertical and urban gardening. As climate change changes the water cycles, it’s imperative for tech and agriculture to work together to build new systems of food production and sustainability to limit the global suffering caused by food scarcity.   

What change are you hoping to create in the industry by serving as a Find Ventures advisor?

Our world has very serious problems that need innovative solutions and the current system of VC funding is not equipped to provide that solution. The effects of these global problems are disproportionately felt by the marginalized portions of the population. I believe that those who are the most affected have a greater motivation and perspective of what innovative solutions are needed and Find Ventures is the best vehicle to get funding to these sections of founders. 

In your experience with startups and entrepreneurs, what’s one of Founders’ biggest hurdles? What advice would you give Founders facing similar struggles?

As important as it is for founders to receive funding, tracking how that funding is used and budgeting for how that funding will be used in the future is a necessary task. Without these periodic metrics of the financial health of a startup, it is common for startups to fail because they run out of money before they have accomplished their goal. 

What one piece of advice would you give to a Founder that is thinking about launching their own tech startup?

Understand the costs of your startup and plan tackling these costs in manageable steps.  This will help identify the funding you need and aid in managing the use of the funds once you receive.  

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